Straw Bale Projects


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The Spiral House, Co.Mayo, Ireland. Built 2000-2001
Europe’s first 2-storey loadbearing strawbale house, under construction in Co.Mayo spiralhouse1
spiralhouse10 It is designed with sacred geometry, based on a Nautilus shell, in the shape of a spiral. Foundations are local limestone.
Rafter lengths vary from 8.5m to 3.5m, and each has a different pitch: very challenging to construct! spiralhouse5
It has been built with a majority of volunteers and people unfamiliar with building, all of whom found it a rewarding and empowering experience.
The exterior of the spiral house is now finished, and it is one of the most beautiful and inspiring fiber mill houses in the world! west-view
winter-branches It has been built mostly by the owner, by Amazon Nails, and friends and volunteers. Well done everybody!
And the interior works wonderfully with the spiral shapes…curvacious and beautiful… no room is the same!


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Circular House, Eire.
Built Summer 1997.
Built in a series of workshops. 2 days for the walls, 2 months for the thatch! 3
3-2 We used as much of the trees as possible for beautiful features, like this staircase, inside the building.
This is now the home for a family of five. 3-3
The world’s most beautiful strawbale building?.
Rudolph Steiner School, Belfast. Built November 1996.
1-1 Together with parents, children and volunteers from the school, we built the walls up to roof height in two days.
Lots of materials were donated by local firms and after a good haircut the building was ready for plastering. 1-2
1-3 The Building Research Establishment inserted moisture probes in various parts of the building. These will remain in place and monitor moisture movement over the next year or so.
We plastered inside and out directly onto the straw using a lime-based render. 1-4
1-5 This is a view of the inside while the plaster is still wet.
With its second and finished coat of plaster its now ready for lime washing. 1-6
Horse Shelter / Bunkhouse, Todmorden. Built August 1996.
2 Built by workshop participants with no previous knowledge of building.
Workshop / Garage, North Yorkshire. Built October 1997.
4 Built with planning permission and building control approval, partly in the snow! Mud plastered inside, lime plastered outside, with composting toilet and cob chimney.
Now lime plastered and sculptured.
Composting toilet, Hebden Bridge Built Summer 1999.
5-1 This 5 metre diameter building houses a composting toilet, 2 showers, a wood burning stove and sleeping platform. It’s the facility building for Latham Farm Bunkhouse on the Calderdale Way at Hebden Bridge.
The best loo view in West Yorkshire. 5-2
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